The Astoria Senior Center (ASC) obtained its non-profit status in 1991.  When the ASC incorporated, the membership fee was just $1 per year, or $50 for a lifetime membership.  We still keep our annual dues very low!  However, with costs continuing to rise, the Center relies on donations from the private and public communities.  When donating, the following  contact information can be used for tax purposes:

​Astoria Senior Center
1111 Exchange Street

Astoria, OR 97103

We have now taken the initiative to help out seniors in need in our community!  Recently, the Daily Astorian ran an article about providing assistance to vulnerable seniors.  The senior center has set up a gofundme page to help out.  Please  donate any amount by clicking this link.  Thank you so much!

Additionally, the ASC partners with Fred Meyer and and their rewards programs, which take a small percentage of the purchases from supporters and donates to the ASC.

Fred Meyer sent this notice reminding members to re-enroll their Rewards Cards.  For linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the ASC, click here.

Interested donors to the AmazonSmile program can click here to set up eligible shopping on Amazon to benefit the ASC.

Click  here  for a donation form which you can print out, and either mail or drop off at the ASC.​​

The Astoria Senior Center recognizes individuals who have taken the special steps necessary to remember the Center in their will or through planned giving methods.  If you are interested in discussing such a planned gift to the Senior Center, please contact our Director, Larry Miller, at 503-325-3231.  Also,  planned gifts to the Senior Center can be made in many forms:

  • Bequest
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Gift Annuities
  • Insurance Policy Beneficiary
  • Living Trust
  • Real Estate or other Property
  • Retirement Plan (IRA) Beneficiary

​Thanks again to all for your ongoing support and generosity!

The Astoria Senior Center is a 501(C)(3) foundation, which means it is a nonprofit charitable institution, and all donations are tax-deductible. The Astoria Senior Center currently has approximately 560 paid up members who pay dues of $20 per year.  The building in which the ASC is located is owned by the City of Astoria, which pays a portion of the Center's utilities.  Apart from rent relief, the ASC receives very little from the City of Astoria or the government.  In 2000, the ASC received a generous donation of $890,109 from the Sorenson family. This donation was placed into an irrevocable trust and the ASC has been using the interest earned each year as the primary source of their funding. 

Philanthropy and Giving

  Astoria Senior Center